Friday, 21 June 2013

First month of run streak! Fitness Friday

On the 21st of May 2013 I started a run streak, which will involve running everyday for a year. The goal is to average 10k a day for a year. With one month gone I am slightly below average, on week 1 and week 3, I didn't quite manage to run 70km. 

Week 1 
Goal distance 70km
Distance ran 64km
Total goal distance 3,650km
Remaining distance 3,586km

This week went pretty well in terms of running, I didn't hit the full 70km but I was close and it was my first time running every day for a week in quite some time. I know I can reclaim the deficit before the month ends. 
I also realised this week that running in the summer months is so much easier than the winter months. I need to bank some much larger run weeks this summer because 10k a day during the winter is not something I can envisage my self doing at this point.

Week 2
Goal distance 70km
Distance ran 70km
Total goal distance 3,650km
Remaining distance 3,516km

This week was enjoyable, it was easier to get out and run down the kilometres knowing the remaining distance is only going down. The challenge is still a novelty and I am still enjoying running everyday. I haven't had any real difficult runs yet and I haven't been presented with any major excuses not to run. So a fairly straight forward easy run week. 

Week 3
Goal distance 70km
Distance ran 59km
Total goal distance 3,650km
Remaining distance 3,457km

This week started out very well, I was enjoying my run each day and I was hitting the distance I had planned each day. I had 2 double run days when I ran with a client early in the morning but hadn't ran the distance I had planned so I clocked up a few more kilometres that evening after dinner. Up until now most of my running has been at a nice steady pace around the high end of zone 2. I've ran a few short distance runs at zone 4 and at least one run a week at zone 1.
On Sunday (the second last day of run week) I flew back to Ireland. I had planned to run home from the airport. This meant being picked up from the airport by my dad at 22.50, getting changed in he back of the car and being dropped off 7km away from my parents house so that I could get my run done before midnight. I chose to do this so that I could spend the morning and afternoon with my wife and kids and my wife's brother who was visiting that weekend. I also like to mix things up and I love running at night, plus I got a change of scenery. 
I was presented with my first major challenge on Monday eve. I was driving back from work when my car broke down. It was 21.10 and I hadn't ran yet that day. I was about 50mins drive from home. After making arrangements to get my car and myself home it was 23.25, I was starving and in no mood to run. So without really thinking about it, I got changed and did the minimum 3.65km.

Week 4
Goal distance 70km
Distance ran 74km
Total goal distance 3,650km
Remaining distance 3,383km

The goal for this week was to bank a few extra kilometres, since I ended up a little short last week. I started this week in good form but on Thursday evening when I laced up, I was spent, my goal was to run 12km and I barley made it 5km. My body felt ok, I had no pain or injury but it seemed like all my energy was going into every footstep.
The next morning (Friday) I felt amazing and ran an easy 4.5k with a client and then I ran 15.8k alone, which I did at the same pace I ran the Paris marathon in last spring. I wasnt trying to push the pace, and I stayed in my zone 2. This was the first noticeable effect of running everyday! 

At the beginning of the month I weighed 75kg
I now weigh 73kg

Some photos taken while out on the run!

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