Saturday, 13 July 2013

Park Run 01!

Today I did my first ever park run in Malahide Park Dublin, Ireland. The weather was amazing and I felt pretty fresh at the start line, albeit after a slightly stressful morning and arriving a little later than planed.

I got to the start line about 20seconds before the race started, having done no warm up and completely unaware of the course. My plan was to go with the old mantra "Go Hard or Go Home", so I went out hard and held it with the top 10 guys until 2.7km. The pace was way too quick for me at 3.20 per kilometer so I had to back off slightly or risk blowing up,,, it was HOT too!
I eased off a bit but still managed to keep the lead guys in sight. My lungs were burning and I was super thirsty. By the time I turned the last bend my legs were screaming for me to stop, the 11.2km I ran last night was now turning out to be a not so great idea.

I finished the day with a not too shabby 18min51sec. Although I was slightly disappointed I didn't stay in the top ten, I was surprised I ran that quick. Next time I wont go out so hard and attempt to finish a little stronger. 

Beginners mistake today!