Saturday, 27 July 2013

Park Run 02!

I did my second Park Run today in Malahide, Dublin. I had another good run, finishing in 18min53sec, 2 seconds slower than last week.

I got to the start line a little earlier this week and managed a slight warm up, however mentally I didn't feel it! I had one of those days where I just didn't want to run fast.  On the way over in the car I considered not doing parkrun and just doing an easy 20km, 7min and 29sec into the run I wished I had! The first 2km I felt like I was dragging a bag of cement behind me. My thoughts were all negative,

"This short stuff isn't for me"
"My legs are too tired after running along the sand dunes yesterday"
"My diet was pretty crappy yesterday and now I feel tired"
"I didn't drink enough water"

And I debated with myself the pros and cons of pulling out at about 2.4km. It was at that point I slowed down just a twitch and decided that at the half way point I'd put all negativity out of my mind and just run on physical feeling. All my thoughts were consumed with checking how my actual body felt and I turned my Garmin around to face the ground.

"Foot strike is pretty good and no pain/discomfort down there"
"Quads feel strong"
"Hams and Gluteals feel pretty tired after yesterday but could deffo do another 2.5km at this pace"
"Stomach feels good since I haven't had any dairy in 4 months"
"Thorax is rotating very well and no problems breathing"
"Overall feeling good now that the limbic system has SHUT UP"

I sat at a comfortable pace and only tried to speed up with 400m to go. I crossed the finish line and stopped my watch. I was super surprised that I was so close to my PB 18:51 and I felt agitated that I hadn't monitored my time and tried a little harder.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing! One thing is certain I will be back for more Park Runs and some week I'll get it right.