Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Second month of run streak!

On the 21st of May 2013 I started a run streak, which will involve running everyday for a year. The goal is to average 10k a day for a year. After the first month I was slightly below average, I think it was an average of 9.46 per day for that month. I ended the blog post about that months running outlining the need to bank a few extra kilometres this month and it hasn't quite went to plan. 
On the 28th of June I left London for good and repatriated to Ireland. I hadn't quite factored in the difficulty of the upheaval, shipping myself my wife and kids with all our stuff from one island to another took more time and effort than what I first anticipated.
The important point is that I managed to run everyday, just about! My distance is way down now with quite a few runs being around the minimum distance of 3.65k for the day. I also had a few days where I either didn't have my Garmin or my Garmin wasn't charged, this presented as an easy excuse to run short. I can think of two occasions where I didn't have the Garmin and I was planning on running 15k or more, because I could record and compute my data accurately I chose to run a known 3.80km route around where I live. Both those runs were detrimental to my average distance these past few weeks, because on previous days I was running short due to time constraints and planning on banking bigger runs to haul up my average distance. That didn't happen!

I don't have Internet access yet at my new abode, this has put a halt to my tweeting and blogging. However I'm back now and I have some good posts pending!

So now I'm pretty much settled in here and ready to up my mileage in preparation for some races I'll be running this summer and the Dublin marathon in late October?

It's time to go longggggggg! 

Week 5
Goal distance 70km
Distance ran 64km
Total goal distance 3,650km
Remaining distance 3,319km

This week went well. I was doing my usual loops around London and preparing for the move home. I'll miss some of these streets, parks and the Thames walkway.

Week 6
Goal distance 70km
Distance ran 65km
Total goal distance 3,650km
Remaining distance 3,254km

This week was a difficult week to get the distance done, planning the move, working and running was difficult to put together not to mention family life. Job done for now but average distance is down.

Week 7
Goal distance 80km
Distance ran 59km
Total goal distance 3,650km
Remaining distance 3,195km

This week was tough, I moved to Ireland and my time was not my own. I did a few short runs and a few of those were late night.

Week 8
Goal distance 90km
Distance ran 53km
Total goal distance 3,650km
Remaining distance 3,142km

The weather has been amazing and the running is easy. However this week was my shortest distance covered. My wife was in the UK finishing up in work while I was in Ireland living in a new house with my 2 boys. I had to cajole and coheres a few family members into babysitting while I ran!

At the beginning of this process I weighed 75kg
I now weigh 73kg

Some photos taken while out on the run!

Park Bench, Hyde Park, London I've ran more laps of this park that any other and loved every step!

Marble Arch, London I ran past this monument more times than I can count so decided to take a photo on my last time running past it!

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