Monday, 14 October 2013

Day 1 #7dayvegan challenge

I ate more of these today than anything else!
I started the 7 Day Vegan challenge today. The challenge was put forward by Brendan Brazier of and can be found at
It was designed to try and introduce people to a plant based diet and to encourage people to be more mindful about what they put in their mouths.

I will be running the Dublin marathon this day 2 weeks and in an effort to boost performance I am taking this challenge. The race is 2 weeks away so I'm planning on doing a double and taking it right up to race day. I toyed with a plant based diet on the lead up to the Paris marathon earlier this year and I noticed some profound benefits with only minimal changes. Since then I've become more mindful of my nutrition so I decided to go all out for 2 weeks before my next marathon.  
Animal proteins are largely link to the inflammatory process in the human body. Inflammation is the enemy to any long distance athlete. Fresh fruit and vegetables are largely linked to increased energy and great recovery. Increased energy and recovery are very important for a long distance athlete. For those reasons I've decided to take the challenge and see how my performance is on race day.

Today went pretty well. I haven't eaten any dairy in 6 months so a day with out meat is not unusual. I'm expecting it to get more difficult on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

I'll write some more posts detailing my progress or regress and a race report to outline how it all went!