Friday, 25 October 2013

Day 12 #7dayvegan

I've been eating a plant based diet for 12 days now and so far it's been great. My goal was to continue until the Dublin marathon on day 15. I'm not sure I'll go back to the old ways. My energy has definitely soared, I feel much better and although it was never a real problem I sleep better too. During the first few days I wasn't sure what I was going to eat. If I was going to fail it would be due to monotony and mundane food choices. However since then I've visited a plethora of information on line and I've learned how to cook a few new things which taste great too. 

What have I been eating?


Porridge oats made with 50/50 water and soya/coconut milk with cinnamon and manuca honey on top and a tea spoon of Amal powder sprinkled in during cooking.

One large black coffee


A green juice, see contents here!


A combination of rice, pasta, seeds, spinach, humous and beet root, with extra virgin olive oil dressing.


Quinoa, pasta, kidney beans, orange pepper and humous, with 3-4 slices of dairy free bread. 

Or if I am at home I might make a pea and mint soup. 

Fry an onion in a saucepan with water, add tumeric and ginger.
Add 400mls water with vegetable stock and 400mls frozen peas, bring to boil and simmer.
Add parsley and mint. 
3-4 slices of dairy free bread.


A smoothie: 2 bananas, soya milk, frozen blue berries or mango 


2-3 bananas, or an apple with a handful of nuts or seeds


Veggie burgers (I found this recipe on with spinach, pasta and roasted sweet potatoes


Veggie (courgette, yellow pepper, onion, mushrooms and asparagus) stir fry with brown rice and a red Thai curry sauce made with coconut milk.

I've been eating a lot more than what's outlined above and I'll share some more details on that at a later date. The theory is to continue on a plant based diet until the Dublin marathon this coming Monday. However my sister is getting married this Saturday so it's all going to get a little tricky. There a two other plant based guests at the wedding so I'll have support. I'll need it!

So why a plant based diet?

Our sole purpose as beings on this planet is to reach sexual maturity, reproduce healthy off spring and raise them to sexual maturity. Once you achieve this, it's job done. What you eat in order to achieve this is entirely up to you. 

There are many people who will argue that you should really eat lots of meat to be strong, or dairy to have good bones, while there are also people who will argue the opposite.
I've been working in health and fitness industry for 15 years. I've studied both physical therapy and osteopathy, I've read hundreds of research papers and written one. I also studied nutrition for a year, which is a lot more than most people. I've made a choice after lots of searching, reading, studying and implementing that a plant based diet is by far the healthiest. In fact I'd say it's the only health promoting diet. With my experience, which I think is quite modest I still get people who are over weight and not particularly fit telling me my life style choices are wrong. They usually reproduce some buzz phrase that we were brain washed with as kids "them bones, them bones need calcium" when I explained I don't eat dairy. 

What do I mean by diet?

When I refer to my diet, I'm referring to what I eat. I'm not talking about a regime I must stick to for a period of time. A period which is usually filled with self obsession, constant cravings and monitoring weight loss. I think that's what most people think of when they read 'diet'. Fad diets don't work if health and long term weight loss are your goals. 

Whatever you choose to eat, eat it and enjoy it. If you are concerned about health issue you might have now, or you might get in the future, take some time to research what you can eat to make yourself feel and function better. Be more mindful about your actions. 
Avoid taking advice from celebrities, magazines or anybody trying to sell you this information. It's really simple and it's free, in fact you probably know it all already you've just turned your back on it many many years ago, just like I did. 

Here are some of the web sites and books I've been using