Saturday, 20 September 2014

Dublin City Half Marathon race report!

Its that time of year again where the races are coming thick and fast. Today I ran the Dublin. City half marathon and this would be a good predictor for the Dublin city marathon. Training had been going well and I was optimistic I'd be close to a PB.

As the race was about to begin I knew that if I ran with the 1hr30min pacer I could easily take off in the final few kilometers and post a sub 1hr30min run, my PB is 1hr27. 

It was one of those days where I wasn't in the mood to listen to reason or good advice. As the race started I went all out, "he who dares wins" I thought and I left the 1hr30 pacer for dust. I settled in to a good pace and ran slightly above pace for a 1hr27 run. I was very confident that I'd finish quicker than 1hr30 so I thought "screw it, let's see what I've got" and I went all out. 
Everything went to plan for about 18km which was 3km short of what I needed. As always happens when you don't listen to sound advice things didn't quite work out. The last 3km were tough, really tough and I managed to keep pace and finish in 1hr28, the finish line couldn't have come sooner. It was a gutsy move that didn't pay off. Had I stayed with the 1hr30 pacer I'm sure I would have been much quicker but hind sight is a wonderful thing. 

My next race is a full marathon which is two weeks before the Dublin city marathon. The plan for that day will be to run very steady and finish strong, this should be achieved by listening to the voice of reason within. You live and learn.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”  Albert Einstein

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a mistake, so long as you learn a lesson from that mistake. Today I learned or re-learned a valuable lesson, distance running is all about finishing strong! 

Run far, run fast but most of all RunSensible!