Friday, 3 May 2013

Integrated training habits!

I outlined in the race report from the 10km race I did in Dublin that I had only done one 7km run between racing in Paris and then 3 weeks later in Dublin. Strictly speaking that is true but I do a lot of training which is integrated into my day to day living. This is something I learned I had to do after becoming a father to two energetic boys.

When I uploaded my race data to Strava I was surprised to find I was leader overall for the final run up to the finish. I was leading the 67 people that had also uploaded data. You don't get to lead Strava routes doing no training.

My trusty Steed!
For example today, I commuted 57km by bike. The trusty steed I use is a single speed so this is a good source of resistance exercise for my legs. I also ran 4km with a client, walked briskly for 20min with another client. I stood up for no less than 6 hours between training clients and treating patients in my osteopathy clinic. When I reached home I got off my bike did 2 sets of 12 push ups while my boys climbed on my back, I planned on doing 2 sets of 12 squats but the boys took my attention and I didn't get it back until they both went to bed. By then I had lost the momentum and must confess I didn't do those squats. "Lazy"

So when I say I had 3 weeks off to rest, it was specific rest from marathon training. Not total bed rest. The activity I did today was not an unusual day, this sort of movement is fairly normal for me and I've been doing this my whole working life. This lifestyle is a large contributor to my fitness and lack of injury. Since most of this training is way below my lactate threshold my body is very well adapted to progressive overload and my connective tissues rarely get injured.

Have a good weekend, run sensible, race sensible and enjoy the moment. Remember every work out should have a goal or a purpose no matter how short you are on time.